Saturday, June 6, 2009

Funny Alderman Berny Stone Video

If you've never been to a 50th Ward meeting - or any meeting - conducted by Chicago Alderman Berny Stone, I urge you to do so. It's like Vaudeville and Broadway mixed up with the Catskills, packed with drama and finger pointing. I recorded this video on January 14, 2009 at a community meeting in West Ridge (a.k.a, West Rogers Park). The weather was cold as hell that night, but the meeting hall was packed with neighbors concerned about potential parking problems resulting from the new Boone-Clinton public school to be built at 6700 North Whipple. Ald. Stone has a reputation for falling asleep at meetings when he's not the one in charge, but when he is in charge, it's guaranteed that everyone in the room will remain wide awake. I recorded this video mainly for my own archives, but it turns out that it's funny as hell even thought the quality is low. Upon viewing it again, it made me laugh so hard that I wanted to share it with you. Leave a Comment Here... See our cool merchandise... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Hey! ChiNewsBench is on Twitter