Monday, June 1, 2009

Dissing Obama

While most of the U.S. mainstream media is busy dislocating their collective back kissing the derrier of His Emptiness Barack Obama, there are those abroad who don't have the same instinct for butt kissing. Pardon my French, s'il te plait, but the truth is that it's a lie to say that the whole world loves Obama. Many do, certainly, but certainly not all of them. To wit, James Lewis at American Thinker wrote the following about the foreign press and their treatment of Obama (emphasis adde): The White House press corps is now completely supine, utterly shameless in its groveling cowardice. Stalin himself couldn't have wished for a more slobbering press corps. Rather than mailing them nice little Lipton tea bags, millions of sane Americans might consider sending air sickness bags to our Reigning Media. But not, thank haven, across the broad Atlantic. There free speech and even laughter are still alive, among the well-lubricated scribblers of Fleet Street. The journos of Britain show little respect for American Presidents regardless of race, creed or color. They laugh hysterically at all of them. Not that it takes much imagination. Lewis expounds a bit on the subject, but misses an important fact: It no longer matters whether the "foreign press" likes or dislike something or somebody. While the foreign media's treatment of Obama is interesting, it has less meaning today than it would have had Obama been president in 1992, before the Internet was a threat to newspapers everywhere. The Internet has virtually wiped out the importance of international borders, and has therefore diminished the meaning of "local" newspaper. Physical space itself has been irrelevant in an age when someone in Great Britain or Russia or Kenya or Japan can read thousands of newspapers and blogs around the world, in real time. Although the mainstream media in the U.S. and much of the world are largely favorable to Obama, many are not sycophantic about it. Tens of thousands of conservative bloggers in the English-speaking blogosphere are not Obama worshippers, to be sure, and anybody with unrestricted Internet access can read them. RELATED: Hot air from Obama - The Australian Obama's stance worries Israelis - The Age, Australia Green Left - Obama continues torture regime - Green Left, Australia Barack Obama criticised for cost of Broadway date - Jacob Heilbrunn: Obama Shuns Foreign Press - Huffington Post Obama Snubs Foreign Press - Columbia Journalism Review Barack Obama 'too tired' to give proper welcome to Gordon Brown - Leave a Comment Here... See our cool merchandise... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Hey! ChiNewsBench is on Twitter