Chicago Elementary Students to March in Gay Pride Parade

UPDATE 6/21/09: A well-written article by Wes Lawson at Windy City Times (June 17) gives more information, including fair coverage of my comments with one disagreement - I did not say that I "overstated my case."

WARNING: This post and its comments deal with controversial sexual and social topics in a blunt and truthful way that most "politically correct" people are incapable of understanding.

Children at Nettlehorst Elementary will be made to march in a gay pride parade in Chicago during the weekend of June 26-27. Nettlehorst is located at 3252 N. Broadway Street, Chicago, in the East Lakeview neighborhood, also known as "Boys Town."

A typical shop window along a main strip of Boys Town (top left) gives you an idea of the predominant "culture" in this part of Chicago. That culture is based largely on anal intercourse and the pursuit thereof.

Nettlehorst is a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Magnet Cluster School, a CPS Community School and Fine Arts and Performing Arts Program Site. That's wonderful, but Nettlehorst seems to also be an indoctrination center for gay activism.

On Friday, June 5, a colorful event was held on the asphalt playground of Nettlehorst. Brightly colored swaths of cloth were tied to the wrought iron fence. The cloth was symbolic, and laminated notices attached to the fence explained (my emphasis added):

"Hey, What's This All About? Each Nettlehorst student has tied a piece of fabric to the fence as a tangible sign of his or her personal intention to create a better world. As [sic] Nettlehorst, we've also made a collective intention: that each of us becomes kinder, gentler, and more tolerant. Here, the rainbow colors of gay pride are a visible sign of our respect for the neighborhood of which we are a part, and the diversity of families that we serve. In June, Nettlehorst will be the first public school to walk in Chicago's Gay Pride Parade. We believe family means everybody."

"Everybody," say the little signs of explanation. Does this mean we can look forward to Nettlehorst having the kids tie red, white and blue ribbons to that fence as "a visible sign" of respect for the veterans fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan?

How about a pro-gun rally for the kids? Surely there must be one or two Nettlehorst parents who are veterans and/or believe in the right to own a gun for self-protection. No?

Perhaps Nettlehorst can load the kids into some buses and take them to a neighborhood where the biggest annual event does not involve drunken men flashing their bare asses from floats on a public street in a show of "pride." After all, if you really want to round out the kids' education, and if you really believe in teaching diversity and tolerance, shouldn't they include the heterosexual culture as well? Well?

According to the Family Equality Council, "The school has a gay and lesbian parent social group. There are LGBT staff, but the staff overall seems to be very inclusive. Teachers have age-appropriate LGBT books in their classrooms, and the school is participating in the gay pride parade this year...."

Are there any age-appropriate heterosexual books in the classrooms? If so, why not brag about that, too? The staff is "very inclusive?" I challenge any pro-life group to set up a speaking engagement there. Better yet, I challenge Nettlehorst to invite a pro-life group to speak there. That would be very inclusive of them.

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