Saturday, May 23, 2009

Short Hot Car Pursuit, Uptown

BUSTED IN UNDER A MINUTE UPDATED: SEE OUR EXCLUSIVE VIDEO Chicago, May 23, 2009 - Uptown - Excellent work by 23rd District police officers and dispatch. (Click images to enlarge.) At approximately 9:35 p.m. this evening, Chicago police officers pulled over a suspected stolen black Cadillac in the 4600 block of N. Sheridan Road. The car was reported stolen this morning. Two men were pulled out of the car, one white and one black. Both men were large and muscular but neither struggled with police. A small crowd gathered to quietly watch, but one man, half a block away, kept shouting "Leave the black man alone!" He either did not see his white companion or did not care that the arrest was completely non-racist. The chase started at N. Kenmore and W. Leland, less than a minute before police pulled the car over on Sheridan. The chase lasted for just under three short blocks and ended without incident or injury. After questioning the men for about ten minutes, police hauled them away for questioning. Leave a Comment on our Guestbook! CommieBama Hats and More Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Follow ChiNewsBench on Twitter