Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FLASH UPDATE: FBI, CPD Searching Marathon Gas Robber Accomplice

CHICAGO - 06 MAY 2009 - EXCLUSIVE / DEVELOPING... Chicago police and FBI agents are searching for the get-away driver for the robber who was killed by police this morning around 7:00 after they tried to rob a Marathon gas station near Montrose and Forest Preserve Drive. The situation this morning "started at a Marathon gas station just before 7 a.m. Wednesday morning at the intersection of Montrose and Forest Preserve Drive," according to ABC7 Chicago. "Authorities believe the suspect could be responsible for up to 30 hold-ups. Police say a man came into the Marathon gas station attempting to rob it when he was stopped by a Chicago detective who had been staking the place out. The suspect wore a green sweatshirt, jeans and a surgical mask." UPDATES BELOW... UPDATE 6:10 PM - Chicago police and FBI agents are searching for the buddy of the man police shot and killed this morning as he tried to rob a Marathon gas station at Montrose and Forest Preserve Drive. NOW, Chicago News Bench learned, "heavy armor" is in the Uptown neighborhood in a northwest neighborhood of Chicago, and it is was believed the man is was holed up on "the second floor" of a building. UPDATE 6:36 PM - The man was not in the building. Police and FBI continue the search. (We do not know at this time if the man actually left Uptown.) UPDATE 6:52 PM - Police went into the building, but did not find him there. UPDATE 6:53 PM - Around 11:15 a.m. today, the man was running on foot as police chased him through the Uptown neighborhood. He robbed elderly Asian woman in her tailor shop and got about $80.00 cash. She was not injured. The man had a knife with "a brown wood handle." CommieBama Hats and More Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Follow ChiNewsBench on Twitter