Sunday, May 10, 2009

Commenter Says Uptown Whiners Need To "Get a Clue" About Airplane Noise

Christine sent a comment about my post about the 747 that just misses a beach as it lands at St. Marteen. I noted that there is a small group of bored malcontents in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood who think that airplanes that fly low over their part town, as they begin to land at O'Hare International, shoud find themselves sunbathing on that St. Marteen beach. Christine thinks the Uptown whiners are overstating their case, too: Just read that article and viewed the video. I have seen many still pics of such landings. When I was a kid I lived in the Cleveland area, just SE of Hopkins Airport. We didn't live under the approach path, but we were about 2 miles from the airport and could see, and hear, the traffic. My parents used to sit out front on our tiny patio in the late evenings, smoking and watching the planes. Brook Park Road runs on the airport's northern perimeter and used to have a parking area at the fenceline. It is now across the road. Folks would come and park there, using it as a lovers' lane. I believe they may still be using it as a lover's lane. If a jet loses it, going up or down, that parking lot is probably toast. As for the folks in Uptown, they need to get a clue. Those planes are anywhere from 3-5K feet up, that's 1/2-1 mile away. If they consider that loud and noisy then they might want to spend some time on the approach path to Midway to get a better perspective. That airport is largely surrounded by residential housing, and has been for decades. My maternal grandfather died in 1939 when a United plane landed in someone's backyard during a snowstorm, instead of on the runway. The people surrounding Midway have much more reason to gripe about noise than those of us up here. CommieBama Hats and More Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Follow ChiNewsBench on Twitter