Sunday, May 24, 2009

BNP Wants Gordon Brown To Fall Down on June 4th

MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN: VOTE BNP ON JUNE 4TH" is a text message that millions of British voters are being urged to text to each other in a national grassroots effort to force a general election. The British National Party is touting the text messages as a way to get the word out. Why? To get rid of the buffoon Gordon Brown, of course, arguably the worst Prime Minister that the United Kingdom has had since God-Knows-When. I want to make it clear that while I am not endorsing the BNP, I do endorse the dumping of Brown. (I'm sure Parliament can squelch any serious weirdness from BNP.) The message on the BNP web site reads, in part: Want to get rid of Gordon Brown? Want a general election? Want to make a protest vote the politicians cannot ignore? MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN: VOTE BNP ON JUNE 4TH. Forward this to everyone in your contacts. If we send these texts to enough people they will go viral and could lead to thousands more votes on D-Day 2009. That is what is at stake, so please make the effort! So foward those texts - and this blog post - to everyone in your contacts. Heal Thyself, Great Britain! Dump Brown! Now, enjoy the lovely video of Daniel Hannan, MEP, below. Mr. Hannan thinks Mr. Brown should go, too. RELATED (video follows): Beckett set for comeback as Brown plans purge of tainted ministers Brown calls Blair in to No 10 for secret talks as crisis mounts What to look for in June's European parliamentary elections UK May Lose AAA Rating at S&P as Finances Weaken UK Labour Party faithful want Brown to quit -poll Gordon Brown set for election wipeout - Times Online MPs' expenses: artists and activists join in call for electoral reform

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