Uptown Gangster's Bicycle Shooting Spree

UPDATED, 4/22/09: See Update on Uptown Bike Shooting Chicago - 20 April 2009 - EXCLUSIVE to CNB The Saturday, April 18 shooting in the 4600 block of N. Broadway Street was only the first of several committed by an alleged gang member. (It should be noted that reports in the mainstream media have erroneously said the incident occured in the 4500 block.) At approximately 6:45 p.m., a suspected gang member fired multiple rounds into a man at Broadway and Wilson, critically wounding a man identified as Antoine Williams. On Sunday evening, CNB sources said that police had a suspect in custody, but that has not been confirmed. CNB spoke with clerks at two convenience stores in the area and learned the following, which has not been reported elsewhere. There is a lucky twist to this story. The clerks in Uptown tell us that the shooter was targeting rival gang members. It is unknown whether Mr. Williams is a gang member. After the first shooting, the gunman rode his bike approximately 200 feet south to W. Wilson Avenue. He then rode west three blocks to N. Magnolia Avenue, where he fired at somebody again. He then rode south two block to W. Montrose, then east to N. Broadway and shot at someone else. Not finished yet, the shooter pedaled four blocks north to the intersection of Broadway and W. Lawrence, near the Riviera and Aragon theaters. There, he fired "into a crowd" but did not hit anyone. Here's the lucky twist: By dumb luck, a film crew was shooting footage of Uptown. The crew was filming from the rooftop of Family Dollar at 4613 N Broadway, directly across the street from the location of the first shooting at 6:45 p.m. After talking with a number of people in the neighborhood, it seems that the first shooting may have been recorded in living color. The area of Uptown in which the shootings occurred is a high-crime part of Chicago's north side. Uptown is notorious for violence. Alderman Helen Shiller (46 Ward) has an office at 4544 N. Broadway, a few doors away from a bong retailer. RELATED: Man critically wounded in Uptown shooting - Sun-Times Weekend Crime, Violence Updates - WBBM780 6 Dead, Several Others Injured In Weekend Violence - CBS2 Chicago Updated: 20-30 People Fighting, Sheridan & Gunnison 60640 - CNB Uptown Divided: North and South - CNB Uptown Erupts in Gang Violence - Uptown Chicago Commission Alderman Shiller's Bloody Hands - CNB Three Shootings In A Week And A Half - Uptown Update Violence threatens progress in Uptown - Chicago Tribune Ald. Shiller's Moral Imperative: Ignore Gang Murder - Uptown Update CommieBama Hats and More Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Follow ChiNewsBench on Twitter!

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