Update on Uptown Bike Shooting

We have some new information (below) about last weekend's Uptown shooting. Since nobody else will do it, we'll give you an actual Uptown update. Bullets aren't the only things flying in Uptown these days. Rumors are zipping around, too. The shooting in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood on Saturday, April 18 resulted in one man being critically injured. Chicago News Bench (CNB) has been talking to people in the area where the shooting occured, near 4600 N. Broadway just south of W. Leland. At 6:45 p.m. on April 18, a suspected gang member fired four rounds into a man at Broadway and Wilson, critically wounding him. The victim was identified on another blog as Antoine Williams; CNB has confirmed this. Williams is not dead, despite rumors to the contrary. CNB has learned that he is still recovering in the hospital. On Sunday evening, CNB sources said that police had a suspect in custody, but that has still not been confirmed. CNB has also confirmed with first-hand witnesses the following: The FBI responded to the scene at approximately 8:30 p.m., about two hours after the shooting. They were looking for expended shell casings. This is unusual, since the FBI does not respond to the average street shooting. This indicates that there is much more to this story than either the mainstream press or the Chicago Police Department is telling us. The gun used in the shooting is said to be a chrome plated pistol, possibly a .32 caliber. As CNB previously reported exclusively, a photography shoot was taking place atop the Family Dollar store (photo left; click to enlarge), half a block south of the shooting. The photographer heard the shots and photographed the suspect as he rode his bike south on Broadway. The photographer went down to the street and told police that he had very good photos of the shooter. As a result, the police have photos of the suspect. Witnesses tell CNB that the shooter rode a "beach cruiser" bicycle, although the exact model was not specified. The shooter rode away "calmly" and "in no big hurry," witnesses tell CNB. Two homeless "girls" (ages unknown) told police on the scene that they witenessed the entire incident. One of the bullets fired blew out a glass door next to 4637-1/2 N. Broadway (photo right; click to enlarge). That door was boarded up. Word on the streets is that this was probably gang related. Many in Uptown are now worried about gang retaliation, and with the expected above-average temperatures over the next few days, Uptown is hunkering down for a rough weekend on its mean streets. RELATED: Uptown Gangster's Bicycle Shooting Spree - Chicago News Bench Updates from any other blogs or news sources - (none!) CommieBama Hats and More Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Follow ChiNewsBench on Twitter!

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