Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scranton PA Tea Party Photos!

Our friends in Scranton, Pennsylvania put together 37 photos of their Tax Day Tea Party. Frank Scavo created a nice slide show with photos by Bob Folger. He summarized the event in his e-mail (his P.S. is a hoot): What an event we had yesterday in Scranton, and also Nationwide! Quite a simple movement and ideas, which I share here: 1. Stop the out of control government spending! It will consume 86% of GDP, which is all products and services produced and sold in these United States by 2019. 2. Stop the generational theft! Our children will pay 66 cents out of every dollar they earn to pay for todays spending. That is truly "Taxation without representation" for our children and cannot be allowed to stand! 3. Stop the government expansion of power to the unelected, such as Tim Geitner and the Treasury Department. Thomas Jefferson warned "Banking industries are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies!" 4. Stop the Stimulus spending! The Obama administration is selling the report that for every dollar spent, we get $1.35 back, hence the stimulus effect. The truth is, only 83 cents is returned for every dollar spent, a net loss of 52 cents. If $787 billion is the answer, why stop spening there? And why did the $387 billion TARP Bank bailout Bush spent have no effect on our tanking economy?! This stimulus did not work in Japan nor during the "Great Depression,", hence the so named historical event. 5. Stop lisitng those of us that want good government on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) watch list as suspiciuos and possible domestic terrorists. This includes average Americans and returning veterans. Chilling developments here in these United States!! Another unelected official, Janet Napolitano's anti free speech, anti American idea. 6. Stay tuned!! - THERE WILL BE ANOTHER RALLY AROUND THE 4TH OF JULY!! There are many more reasons to get involved, but economic freedom is the common ground all Americans share. And I thank Laureen Cummings and Katye Dalgacio for organizing the event, and to Bob Folger for taking the pictures. Frank Scavo Committed American P.S. Department of Homeland Security was at the rally in Scranton. No doubt we all made the watch list! I am glad to be in such company with all of you "Great Americans"! BENCH NOTE: Hey Liberals, you thought BUSH was abusing Homeland Security? CommieBama Hats and More Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Follow ChiNewsBench on Twitter!