Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pulido Gets Another Un-Endorsement

Nominal "Republican" Rosanna Pulido has been un-endorsed yet again, this time by York Township Trustee Moon Kahn. Pulido is running against Democrat Mike Quigley in the special April 7 election for the Illinois 5th Congressional District seat. Mr. Kahn withdrew his endorsement because of off-color, offensive remarks made by Ms. Pulido anonymously on the Free Republic website. Mr. Kahn's un-endorsement of Pulido was reported in an odd posting on the Progress Illinois website on Wednesday, April 1. Mr. Kahn wrote a letter to Ms. Pulido, in which he explained why he was withdrawing his support for her. In his letter, he cited "the continuous revelations of [a] plethora of your provocative statements, which were completely unknown to me until a few days ago, delineate a disturbing mindset." Progress Illinois notes that they "have a copy of the full letter," which is published on their site - but there is no indication of the date of the letter. The Kahn un-endorsement was not the first for Pulido. Progress Illinois, a Left-leaning website site, describes itself as being "run by a team of reporters/bloggers committed to fair and rigorous journalistic inquiry." Sure, okay. Did Mr. Kahn omit the date? Doubtful. Did PI omit the date? Probably. Does the date matter? Yes, because if PI omitted it, it puts a dent in their claim of "rigorous journalistic inquiry." Surely, inclusion of the date of an important letter would not be a "rigorous" task, but for PI to omit it would be either lazy or sloppy, or both. Assuming, for the sake of discussion, that Mr. Kahn did not date the letter, somebody at PI should have called his office to ask him when he wrote it. Perhaps the rigors of phoning a township trustee were just too much for the committed team of reporters/bloggers at PI. If Progress Illinois really practiced "rigorous journalistic inquiry," they would have discovered with five minutes' worth of Googling that at least two other key un-endorsements had been made, probably before Mr. Kahn's. I say probably because, as already noted, PI did not note the date of the letter. No matter. Regardless of the date, Mr. Kahn was not the only one to pull an endorsement from Ms. Pulido. I publicly un-endorsed the Pulido campaign in a March 23 post on this blog. I wrote, "Since the March 3 primary win, Pulido's campaign has come under the unfortunate 'management' of one Tom Hoefling, an Alan Keyes sycophant and National Chairman of Keyes' America's Independent Party (AIP). All of the above is enough to make me withdraw support for the Pulido campaign, but there are other reasons as well." I daresay that my support for the Pulido campaign, from early February through March 22, had more positive impact on the campaign than did that of Mr. Kahn. That is not meant to diminish Mr. Kahn in any way, it is only to say that he does not have a blog that reaches thousands of Ms. Pulido's base every week. Another public un-endorsement was by fellow blogger Chris Barkulis. He, too, had given heavy support to Ms. Pulido on his blog, and with a pro-Pulido Facebook group that he created. On March 23 Barkulis wrote, "In light of the recent development of what those comments actually were, I cannot in good conscience back Ms. Pulido or her campaign. As much as I would like to see a Republican elected from the 5th during this special election, I don't believe it should be someone marred by questionable activities in online forums." I'm not sure why Progress Illinois' "rigorous journalistic inquiry" failed to turn up two bloggers' un-endorsements, particularly since both of us had numerous posts supporting Pulido. One wonders if Progress Illinois includes basic Google searches their world-class regimen of rigorous journalistic inquiry. Chicago News Bench RSS Feed CommieBama Hats and More