Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama's Tax Day Bullshit

First Liar Barack Obama presented an astoundingly insincere message about taxes, just in time for the annual raping of the American taxpayer: April 15. It was an obvious attempt to take the wind out of the sails of anti-tax Tea Parties happening today in hundreds of U.S. cities. Obama misses the point of the Tea Parties. They're not asking for a "simpler tax code," although they would not object to that: Rather, they are asking for lower taxes, more responsible spending of tax revenues, and more transparency in the way those tax revenues are spent. So, today, Obama is claiming that he has lowered taxes. This is a little bit like Josef Stalin proclaiming that all was well in the Ukraine in 1930. As Heritage analyst Brian Riedl has pointed out, given that Obama has already helped quadruple the deficit with his stimulus package, pledging to halve it by 2013 is hardly ambitious. The only way to reduce that deficit, ultimately, is by the inevitable and unavoidable raising of taxes. AP reports today: President Barack Obama declared on tax-filing day that he aims to take the dread out of deadline day. Obama said at a White House event Wednesday that he's working toward "a simpler tax code that rewards work and the pursuit of the American dream." Full Article... The idea of a simpler tax code is not new. The "flat tax," for example, is decades old. Under a flat tax, everybody would be taxed equally at the same percentage of their income. Simple. AP reports that Obama also said: "For too long, we've seen taxes used as a wedge to scare people into supporting policies that increased the burden on working people instead of helping them live their dreams.... That has to change, and that's the work that we've begun." Bullshit. Are we really supposed to believe that the Trillions of dollars of debt that Obama is laying on you, your children and their grandchildren is part of "the work that we've begun?" In today's White House press release (April 15), the word "lower" does not appear even once. The word "reduce" appears three times in the press release (as "reduce," "reduces" and "reduced"). Here are two of those: Increased Earned Income Tax Credit. The Recovery Act includes two improvements to the EITC. It increases the credit for families with 3 or more children to 45% by more than $500, helping to reward work and reduce poverty. And it reduces EITC-related marriage penalties by as much as $400. Overall, 6.3 million low-income families with 12.7 million children will benefit from these two changes More bullshit. An increase of "more tha $500" over a year will not help "to reward work" or to "reduce poverty" in any meaningful way. Spread $500 over a year (52 weeks) and that's $9.62 per week. Further divide that by the "3 or more children" and you've got a whopping $3.20 per child per week. Is that really "helping to reward work" or "reduce poverty?" The third occurence of "reduce" is here, again with emphasis added: ..... Child Tax Credit Expansion. Thanks to the Recovery Act, the Child Tax Credit will now increase tax funds for more than 11 million low-income earners by increasing the refundability of the credit. Before the Act, working families with less than $12,550 were set to be excluded from the credit. The Act reduced this eligibility floor to $3,000, increasing tax refunds for million [sic] of low-income working families with children. This increase in eligibility will put almost $18 billion into the pockets of families most likely to spend the money and stimulate the economy. Even more bullshit. What is a "tax refund?" It's the return of some of the money that the federal government (and some state governments) grabbed out of every one of your paychecks for a year. They deign to give some of it back, never all of it. You'll notice that in the paragraph about the Child Tax Credit Expansion and the Recovery Act, the actual amount of the "refunds for million [sic] of low-income working families with children" is not stated. You should realize that, again, the refund is the return of part of the money taken from thos low-income families. Nowhere in today's White Press Release is it said that an across-the-board reduction in the average American's taxes is proposed. Taxes on "the rich" will be raised, that you can count on, and this will harm the very low-income families that Obama claims to be helping. How? Simple: Impose higher taxes on a business owner, for example, and the business owner will simply pass that on to his customers, whether those customers are buying a new car or a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of soda pop. And while it's out of the hands of the federal government, the additional burden of local, county and state income and sales taxes only contributes to that. This is brilliantly and passionately explained in a short video by James David Manning, PhD who tells us how, when Obama taxes the rich, the rich will tax the poor. (See: "Economics 101 for Poor Folk") Meanwhile, Obama shills such as the AFL-CIO are helping him to attack the Tea Parties. The AFL-CIO's blog has this today: Have you heard about the so-called “tea parties” happening today? Honchos of the extremist right are orchestrating top-down events to protest paying taxes for a proposed federal budget that’s designed to stimulate the nation’s flattened economy and support basic infrastructure and public services. Ironies abound in these protests: In some areas, protestors are urged to take public transportation to the events. Key word here is “public,” as in paid for by taxpayers. I wonder if the wealthy union bosses realize how many of their own rank and file are marching in those Tea Parties? The attempt to ridicule the Tea Partiers' use of public transportation is obfuscation. None of the tax protesters would advocate zero taxes. Well, maybe one tenth of one percent would, but we all understand that some taxation is needed. The AFL-CIO bosses and Barack Obama and the rest of the Left are busy today poo-pooing the Tea Parties. They will pretend that they are silly and inconsequential, and that the participants are a bunch of greedy rich people whining about taxation. The left-leaning Gallup Poll tells us when we should all be thanking God for the privelege of paying taxes. Don't buy it. Look at the videos, the news coverage, the photographs of Tea Parties today and from February. As you do, ask yourself: Do those people look rich? Do they seem like crazy, wild-eyed fascists? Or are they average Americans? Then ask youself how much money Barack Obama is worth, what the average salary of the top union bosses is, and whether or not they all look for legal tax loopholes. Finally, ask yourself why Barack Obama, the Left, and their shills are so eager to pretend that the Tea Parties are insignificant, yet they are spending enormous amounts of time, effort and press releases to combat the message of the Tea Parties. Perhaps Obama doesn't really miss the point of the Tea Parties after all. Perhaps, instead, he is scared to death of the rapidly growing movement, and of the yet-to-be-realized potential it has. Obama and his people, and to be fair a number of Republicans as well, understand that the Tea Party movement of today could easily be transformed into America's first viable "third" political party. RELATED: Open Left:: Higher Taxes On The Rich Wildly Popular Obama to ‘tea-bag’ protesters: I’ve already cut taxes Truhst Are Tea Parties Working? (Not Yet) Why No Tea Parties During Bush Years? ACORN’s Bag Of Dirty Tricks Tax day raises question: Is there a better way? CommieBama Hats and More Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Follow ChiNewsBench on Twitter!