Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama's Corporate Welfare Bonanza

You've heard Liberals and Democrats rant against Republicans and corporate welfare, right? Sure you have. Now you can tell them to shut up, because their very own Messiah, Barack Obama, has been dubbed the "King of Corporate Welfare." And who can argue? Well, perhaps Leslie Paige can. She's the media director of Citizens Against Government Waste, who emailed this to the Huffington Post:  "Forget corporate welfare," said Leslie Paige, : "We are now seeing full-scale corporate adoption."

Cute, but I'm sure even Paige would agree that the adoption involves enormous amounts of money being given to the very corporations and industries that Democrats and Leftists love to complain about.

So who gave the title of "King of Corporate Welfare" to Obama? It was Thomas B. Edsall, who wrote a brilliant piece for Huff Po, published on April 25. Excerpt:
No matter what else he achieves or where he falls short, Barack Obama can lay claim to the title of King of Corporate Subsidies. Using any of a variety of measures, the Obama administration has broken all records in the distribution of taxpayer dollars to American businesses, primarily banks, automobile manufacturers and insurance companies. The tidal wave of dollar bills has stunned folks on all sides of the political spectrum.
I'm not saying that I like corporate welfare. It's just that the Dems and the Libs love to make it sound as though Republicans are the only ones who are guilty of it. To be sure, some conservatives / Republicans are, and a handful of Democrats try to fight it. It's hypocritical of the Left to blame it all on the GOP. So, as I said, the next time you hear a moonbat spouting off about corporate welfare, remind them that the leader of the Democrat Party holds the all-time corporate welfare dispenser record. That's Obama, King of Corporate Welfare.

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