Monday, April 27, 2009

Mexico Negligent in Swine Flu Response

Mexico, it seems, has responded to the two-week old swine flu crisis in a manner that can only be described as criminally negligent. The government has issued no medicine or treatment to thousands of people know to have been in contact with people who have died from swine flu. First responders are too afraid to do their jobs. God only knows how many poor people living in remote areas of the country are dead or dying with no official recognition or response. 
MEXICO CITY – Two weeks after the first known swine flu death, Mexico still hasn't given medicine to the families of the dead. It hasn't determined where the outbreak began or how it spread. And while the government urges anyone who feels sick to go to hospitals, feverish people complain ambulance workers are scared to pick them up....
"Nobody believes the government anymore," said Edgar Rocha, a 28-year-old office messenger. He said the lack of information is sowing distrust: "You haven't seen a single interview with the sick!" FULL STORY at AP/Yahoo! News....

Meanwhile, U.S. federal, state and local governments and pretend to care about this crisis from down south, while doing nothing significant to curb the free flow of illegals crossing the southern border every hour of every day. If Washington really cared, they would have shut down the US-Mexican border completely a week ago. How many of illegal border crosser are carrying swine flu into the US, into your city, into your neighborhood, your local grocer, church, public transportation? (See, folks, diseas control is one of the primary reasons that immigration control makes sense, and why proponents of an open border are out of their damned minds.)

Photo: An unregulated, uninspected, unlicensed, untaxed food vender in Rogers Park, Chicago sells unrefrigerated food on Morse Avenue near N. Clark Street. The City of Chicago, a sanctuary city, knowingly allows hundreds of carts like this to pose a public health threat every day.