Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Destroy America

This shirt contains the simple instructions for the destruction of the United States. Let it serve as a wake up call, a warning, a reminder. It does not require weapons. Soviet dictator Josef Stalin knew how to defeat America. No, this shirt does not advocate the downfall of our great nation. It serves as a reminder that we have, indeed, strayed down the wrong path. But it's not too late. Wear this shirt to remind anybody who sees it that we need to get back on the right path. Also see our Stalin hats, mugs and more. Don't let America collapse from within. Wear this warning proudly. Sure to be a great conversation starter! Designed by patriotic right wing conspirators at Chicago News Bench and sold in partnership with Zazzle. Sure, this is crass commercialism, exactly what Stalin hated! Chicago News Bench RSS Feed CommieBama Hats and More