Gun Control is People Control

"Black Sphere" blogger Kevin Jackson is upset. On second thought, he's downright pissed off. It's a righteous pissed-offedness, as displayed regularly in his excellent blog. His recent rant on the stupidity and dangers of gun control are a good case in point. Mad as hell, K-Jack focuses on his object d'ire and shoots a sidewinder missile straight into it. So the guns in Mexico are supposed to be from the US. Who cares? Like the gun control Liberals really need that as an excuse to try to get rid of the 2nd Amendment? The recent shooting incidents will undoubtedly provide even more manna from heaven for the gun control crowd. And that manna is the potential for money. Like any "crisis," gun deaths in America can be exploited too. There are those who exploit the issue by overstating it, then using it to raise money (for "non-profit" organizations that pay fat salaries) or to build a political career upon. Or both, sometimes. Guns have replaced rich White Republican men as the new Boogeyman, despite the fact that guns don't shoot people. Like Democrat Liberal lunatics care about the facts. We all know that it was Bush getting teenage girls pregnant, and not horny teenage boys, right? The logic of putting the blame where it belongs is lost on Liberal nitwits. Try telling a Liberal that a gun (an inanimate object) doesn't kill people, it's people who kill people. Gun control hasn't worked at all in keeping firearms out of the hands of the bad guys. Watch their eyes roll back, the tick under their left eye speed up, their breathing become shallower. They cannot grasp the fact that plenty of murders are committed with cars, baseball bats, butcher knives, rope, beer bottles, bare hands, and so on. The bad guys have their guns, and they far outnumber the police, who cannot be everywhere at once. Guns have been politicized, but not baseball bats or other blunt objects. And that's the point. It's the politicization of guns that has people crazy over the issue. That insanity has killed people by denying them the right and opportunity to effectively defend themselves from attackers. It makes as much sense to outlaw guns, as it does to outlaw cars. How many auto fatalities are there each year because of cars? Thousands. If there were no cars, then there would be no drunk driving, or crazy spouses running over each other, or people talking on cell phones while driving, who kill pedestrians. Get my point? I get your point, Kevin. The average Lefty doesn't, sadly. As you point out in your post, however, there are some Leftists who do get it. Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Kim Jung-il, Pol Pot, and a long list of others. Oh, and Barack Obama. Chicago News Bench RSS Feed CommieBama Hats and More