Friday, April 3, 2009

UPDATED: Attorney Posts Racist Comment

* UPDATE: This post originally called Thomas J. Westgard a “former attorney.” That’s not quite accurate, but damned close. You see, Thomas J. Westgard, Esq., Atty. is not authorized to practice law in the State of Illinois. (You can see this for yourself by searching for "Westgard Thomas" on the ARCD/Illinois Supreme Court site; for more about this, also see "Attorney Westgard Not Authorized to Practice Law in Illinois") Now, about that racist remark, which Westgard posted about black people in the form of a comment to a story on the Chicago Tribune's newsblogs, titled "Do black customers demand more, tip less?" The offensive remark (emphasis added): When I was working at a fast-food chain, I noticed strong differences in black demands as opposed to all other races. (We didn't get tips.) The funniest one was the number of times I would get a complaint about "cold fries." In an entire year, nobody of a race other than black ever returned to the counter with a complaint that the fries were cold, but I got dozens of those complaints from blacks. Posted by: Thomas Westgard Oct 17, 2008 6:53:47 AM This begs questions: Why would anybody other than a racist or anthropologist keep track of how many times black people complained about cold fries? Why would anybody but a racist find it "funny" that black people don't like cold fries? Why would any rational person consider a group of people complaining about cold food to constitute "strong differences" between that group and others? A difference, arguably, but a "strong" one? Oh, I almost forgot. Westgard claims that no black people tipped him in that fast food restaurant. Perhaps those folks simply recognized poor service and rewarded it appropriately. Or is Westgard saying that all black people are cheap? I'm not a black person (I'm white), but I have complained about cold fries and other cold food in restaurants plenty of times. Of course, Mr. Westgard didn't seem to mind eating at the Heartland Cafe whilst it had mouse crap "throughout," had mold slime in the ice machine and a food cooler that wasn't cool enough. To Mr. Westgard, apparently, somebody complaining about food that is not hot enough is "funny," especially when it's "a black" who is complaining. It looks as though he might be working at that fast-food chain restaurant again very, very soon. Chicago News Bench RSS Feed CommieBama Hats and More