Egypt Versus Hizbullah

In what's being called a "cold war," Egyptian leadership is waging a war or words agains terrorist organization Hiszbullah. According to the Jerusalem Post newspaper, "The Egyptian press and government officials have, for several consecutive days, been hurling insults at the Shi'ite group, in one instance comparing its leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah to a monkey." Hizbullah (or "Hizbollah" or "Hezbollah") acts as a proxy for Iran. Egypt is seeking the arrest of Hezbollah chief Nasrallah. Hizbullah publicly dissed Obama last week by telling the world that "What we've heard of Obama's position on Palestine has not been encouraging. He took the exact same position as the Bush administration." Nasrallah is has praised suicide bombers and is suspected of orchestrating a number of terrorist operations, according to BBC News: "Hezbollah's military wing is believed to have been behind a large number of deadly attacks, hijackings, kidnappings of Westerners, including Terry Waite, and the bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut which killed 241 people in 1983. After Musawi was assassinated by the Israelis in 1992, Sheikh Nasrallah, aged just 32, was elected his successor." The JP report goes on to say (with emphasis added): The war of rhetoric came after Cairo uncovered a plot by Hizbullah to launch a series of terrorist attacks on Egyptian soil. The attackers also planned to strike inside Israel, according to Egypt. Meanwhile, media outlets in Iran claimed Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are preparing to jointly assassinate Nasrallah....Over the past few months, Egypt's president, Hosni Mubarak, and the Egyptian media have repeatedly condemned Iran's schemes for ascendancy in the region. Cairo has directed criticisms at Iran's proxies, Hamas and Hizbullah, for igniting two wars with Israel in the past three years. Hat tip: Muslims Against Sharia RELATED ITEMS, WITHIN PAST WEEK: Al-Ahram: Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah tried to overthrow Egypt's Mubarak - Ha'aretz Obama fails to win over Hizbollah - Bangkok Post Fatah Official Lashes Out at Hezbollah - Asharq Alawsat ‎Egypt Seeks Death Penalty for Hizbullah Terrorist - Arutz Sheva Egypt discovers more Gaza smuggling tunnels - AFP Egypt's Campaign against Iran Sends Washington a Signal - Washington Institute for Near East Policy Egypt: Dialogue with Iran will not Help - Asharq Alawsat Israel's Mossad assists Egyptian interrogators - PRESS TV Egyptian Hezbollah cell planned massive attack against Tel Aviv - Ha'aretz CommieBama Hats and More Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Follow ChiNewsBench on Twitter

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