Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Animal Rights Goon on FBI Most Wanted List

"The only purpose of adding this shrapnel is
to cause damage or bodily harm to people"

Daniel Andreas San Diego has not, as far as we know, attended any Tea Party protests, yet he on the FBI's Most Wanted List of Domestic Terrorists. Is he there for alleged "right-wing extremism?" Nope, he's there because he allegedly bombed in the name of saving puppies.

I must say that I love animals and support reasonable anti-cruelty efforts. I stop supporting such efforts somewhere short of blowing up buildings and fellow humans, however. Not San Diego and whackjobs like him, though. To them, one puppy's life is worth more than a hundred humans.

Daniels Andreas an Diego should be considered armed and dangerous. He was associated with an animal rights group called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (HAC). According to Fox News, the group targeted Chiron Corporation in Emeryville, California and its employees in August, 2003 "with a wave of intimidation tactics meant to terrorize workers and drive the company out of business. Other activists had been following workers to their homes and posting fliers accusing them of being 'puppy killers.' Some even went to the employees' children's schools and continued their intimidation there."

Stalking children and entering school property as they did is probably illegal. Even so, HAC was not known for blowing things up. San Diego went beyond the group's usual methods. A month after the Chiron attack, San Diego allegedly left a bomb "strapped with nails at the Pleasanton, Calif., headquarters of Shaklee Corporation, which makes eco-friendly products like vitamins and shampoos." According to AnimalScam.com, San Diego "allegedly attacked these firms because of their business relationship with a New Jersey research facility called Huntingdon Life Sciences. Huntingdon uses animals in its work toward curing AIDS, cancer, and Parkinson's disease." 

AnimalScam posted copies of the FBI's list of 96 items found in San Diego's apartment at 2570 Acacia Avenue in Sonoma, CA when they searched it on October 8,2003. Some of those items are revealing:
  • 3 shirts one say ELF [Earth Liberation Front]
  • 3 t-shirts (1 animal lib)
  • 1 expired US passport in the name of Andreas San Diego
  • Joy of Revenge book
  • posters of Red Brigade
  • potential ammonium nitrate prills [sic] with unknown liquid SUSPECTED EXPLOSIVE
  • 3 video tapes labeled "Animal Liberation Front," "Breaking Free," "Video Magazine issues 1 and 2"
  • two boxes of 9mm ammo found in black duffle bag
  • Lab Animal magazine and ARDAC [Animal Rights Direct Action Coalition] flyer found inside night stand
  • case to HK 9mm pistol, SN 709031 found inside nightstand
  • ARDAC Animal Rights rosters
  • E-mail re Chiron found under bed
  • 7 ALF t-shirts
  • 20 books relating to animal rights and dissenters
  • Black pipe and end caps found on floor
  • various books on bombs, fire and animal rights found on bookshelf
  • bag of Radio Shack snap connectors
  • Records of firearms purchase
  • Empty box of 9mm black talon ammo
  • USDA reports found inside box
  • Unknown white powder substance
In December, 2003, SFGate.com reported this (emphasis added): "The device left at Shaklee was covered with nails to create shrapnel, said Andy Traver, assistant special agent in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. "The only purpose of adding this shrapnel is to cause damage or bodily harm to people," Traver said. 

Apparently, in the minds of of some animal rights people, a nail bomb is not cruel.

From the FBI: FBI wanted poster for Daniel Andreas San Diego:

Daniel Andreas San Diego is wanted for his alleged involvement in the bombings of two corporate offices in California. On August 28, 2003, two bombs exploded at the Chiron Corporation, located in Emeryville. Then, on September 26, 2003, a single bomb strapped with nails exploded at the Shaklee Corporation, located in Pleasanton. A federal arrest warrant was issued in the Northern District of California on October 5, 2003, charging San Diego with maliciously damaging and destroying, and attempting to destroy and damage, by means of explosives, buildings and other property. San Diego is a known animal rights activist with ties to animal rights groups. He is known to be a very strict vegan, eating no meat or food containing animal products. San Diego wears eyeglasses. He is known to possess a 9mm handgun.