Tuesday, March 3, 2009

UK's UFO Hotline Buzzing

Okay, so, you're somewhere in the United Kingdom. You see something weird in the sky, something that doesn't look... like... it's... from this world. A UFO? Marsh gas? A weather balloon? Too much to drink? Somebody wants to hear from you, and they're manning a phone at the Swindon UFO Research and Wiltshire Phenomena Research response centre. Now West researchers dealing with UFOs and the paranormal, have joined forces to launch a new hotline for people to report intriguing sightings or occurrences. The 24 hour response line has been set-up by the Swindon UFO Research and Wiltshire Phenomena Research to cope with the enquiries and reports from the public. From UFOs to spirits that apparently don't just come out of a bottle down at the local pub, they want to hear from anyone who has witnessed such happenings. Full Article at Western Daily Press... RELATED NEWS: Swindon UFO Research (official website) Strange lights seen in skies over Swindon Bizarre lights seen in skies UFOs witnessed over four [US] states Water link to Rossendale UFO sightings Chesham UFO riddle solved 'Sprites' May Explain UFO Sightings Robbie Williams Moves To "UFO Hotspot" Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...