Thursday, March 12, 2009

Twitter Hangover in Illinois 5th District

Jesse Greenberg makes some amusing observations about (a) Twitter, (b) Twitter usage by Democrat candidates in the recent March 3rd primary over in the Illinois 5th Congressional District's special election, (c) Mike Quigley and this skittish Twittering, and more. Greenberg leads off with this: Post March 3rd, my life hasn’t been the same. Maybe my inbox isn’t full of candidates’ emails. Maybe I’m not getting Facebook event invites at the same rate. Or maybe my Twitter feed isn’t filled with election talk. I guess I missed the quick-hitting and breaking news nature of Twitter. So, I took a closer look at what the leading Democrats’ of the IL-5 race have been up to on Twitter post-March 3rd. The answer is not much. And I’m surprised quite frankly. FULL POST at Jesse Greenberg's blog... RELATED: Quigley’s Twitter Problems and IL-5 Updates - Jesse Greenberg Chicago News Bench: Mike Quigley and Twitter? Mike Quigley's Twitter Problems and IL-5 Updates Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...