Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tony Peraica Attacks John Daley, Todd Stroger

Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, one of the few in our county government who gives a rat's butt about the taxpayers, has the following on his Reform Cook County website. Also see the entertaining video "Help Todd Stroger Find the Pork" by clicking here or viewing it below. Cook County Commissioner (and Chicago Ward Boss/brother of the mayor) John Daley wrote a letter in today’s Daily Herald criticizing Commissioner Tony Peraica for his actions during the recent county budget negotiations. He’s just mad because Tony opposed his (and Todd Stroger’s efforts) to grow the payroll, increase the size of the budget and heap $740 million in new bonds on the county taxpayers. He’s also upset that Tony opposed - and will continue to attempt to repeal - the massive sales tax increase he and Todd Stroger forced through last year. Click here to send an email to John Daley to tell him how you feel about his efforts to tax you more and spend even more of your hard-earned money. Tony’s Record is Clear: Protecting the Taxpayers Back in September, Tony was one of only four commissioners to vote against the bond issue, because it would have heaped massive debt on the county taxpayers during a recession. During budget negotiations, Tony proposed a modest 6% budget cut and additional compromise cuts - and helped lead the charge against the massive bonds. In a victory for the county taxpayers, we’re proud to say that the county board passed a budget that included no new tax increases and none of the massive borrowing sought by John Daley and Todd Stroger. Send John Daley an email today telling him you disapprove of his efforts to bust the budget and tax you more. Recently, the county board also passed Tony’s proposed “transparency resolution” to put the county check register online for public viewing – and he has introduced a resolution to form a bi-partisan, private sector “Waste Commission” to identify waste, abuse and opportunities for cost savings in the county budget. Later this year, Tony also plans to introduce a repeal of the massive sales tax increase enacted last year. It is also important to note that Tony’s commissioner’s office returned more than $50,000 to the taxpayers last year – and his office has the smallest budget of any commissioner this year. Some commissioners talk the talk - but Tony is walking the walk to reform cook county government and protect the county taxpayers. Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...