Monday, March 23, 2009

Terse Letter to Rosanna Pulido from 32nd Ward Committeeman

Correction: Earlier, I mistakenly wrote "Alderman" in the headline of this post, when I should have written "Committeeman." Sorry for any confusion. We assure you that no alderman were injured during the writing of this post. Ego wars in the 5th Congressional District, Illinois. The letter, below, is from John J. Curry, 32nd Ward Republican Committeeman. View the letter here or read it below.
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The hypocrisy of Curry, and the rest of the Illinois Republicans, is apparent on Curry's own website. Although his letter to Rosanna Pulido whines that his own ring was not kissed, figuratively speaking, Curry makes only a passing reference to Pulido on his website. He acknowledges that she is a candidate, but does not actually endorse her. That's not all, however: This began well before Pulido won her March 3 primary. On February 10, Illinois Review ran a great post in which Curry and other Republicans admitted to a defeatist attitude. Illinois Review quoted from a letter by Curry, in which he said, "Neither the Illinois State Republican Party, the Cook County Republican Party, nor the Chicago Republican Party organizations were able to recruit and endorse a strong candidate to run in the Republican primary for this special election." It seems clear, then, that a month before the March 3 primary, the Illinois GOP had already given up on the 5th Congressional seat. John Curry Letter to Pulido Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...