Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stimulus Math Frightening

The total cost of the Obama Stimulus just for Illinois will be at least $3,108,484,657. That's the total of cost of all the projects submitted by Illinois... so far. How does that break down, what does it mean to YOU? No need for a calculator out, a commenter at Illinois Review did the math for us: > 3.108 billion divided by 13 million [Illinois] residents is 239 per person. 956 for a family of 4. > The 3 trillion of all the bailout/ stimulus/ porkulus/ obamu-us divided by 13 million is 230,000 per person, 920,000 for a family of 4. > If the government borrows the money at 3% that is 27,600 interest cost per family of 4. > 27,600 - 956 = 26,644 net loss per Illinois family. > And this is the way we stimulate the economy? No, it's how you stimulate Big Government. Yah, this is "change," but not for the better. Tea Party on April 15, anybody? Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff (Stimulate me!)