Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Read Huxley's Brave New World (Free)

Did you know you can read "Brave New World" for free online? This is not an ad, there are no stings, no catches. Ab-so-lute-ly free. The good folks at have the entire novel by Aldous Huxley posted on their website. They just want you to read it. BNW is a must-read for anybody concerned about the decay of modern society, and is more relevant today than ever before. Brave New World was published in 1932. Like George Orwell's "1984," it was prophetic. BNW, however, is a much easier read. Although it has a strong message and deals with very serious subjects, BNW also contains a lot of dark humor. You'll cringe as you laugh at some of the stuff Huxley wrote. The authors of the website tell us that Huxley "is seeking to warn us against scientific utopianism. He succeeds all too well. Although we tend to see other people, not least the notional brave new worlders, as the hapless victims of propaganda and disinformation, we may find it is we ourselves who have been the manipulated dupes." In the early 1930's, mind you, Huxley was already warning us about genetic experimentation, one-world government, class warfare, statism and other issues that have become stark reality today. Read it. It's free. So are you ... for now. RELATED: Obama's Stem Cell Order Stirs Scientific, Moral Debate Obama stem cell order 'a sad victory of politics over ethics’ 'Sex education for seven-year-olds' Lawmaker wants NH to legalize assisted suicide A New World Order Solution to the Economic Collapse? The Blinders And Gloves Must Come Off Now Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...