Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pulido Wins 5th Congressional GOP Primary

Rosanna Pulido won the Republican special primary in the Illinois 5th Congressional District on Tuesday night. Pulido won with her primary race with 969 votes. Democrat Mike Quigley took 11,800 votes in his primary race. The Green Party candidate, Mathew Reichel, took that primary with 164 votes. The total voter turnout in the district's primary was only 17 percent of eligible voters. (Source for vote totals: WREX Rockford) The three will face off in the April 7 general special election to complete the term of Democrat Rahm Emanuel, who abandoned his congressional constituents for a better job at the White House. Immediately after winning his party's nomination, Quigley launched into a dogmatic chant of meaningless drivel designed to keep Democrat voters in a state of hypnosis. Currently a commissioner on the scandal-ridden, high-taxing Cook County Board, Quigley made this bizarre statement: “After all the recent embarrassments, this was first chance that the voters had to voice their desire for change and they spoke loud and clear,” Quigley told the Chicago Tribune.“They came through for me, and now I have to come through for them.” Now that's a pant-load. Is that the same Mike Quigley that Democrat Sara Feigenholtz trashed in her failed bid to win today's primary? Why, yes, it is! It's the same Mike Quigley who has consistently been a part of the problem that he falsely claims to have battled. It's the same Mike Quigley who has fought real change in the corrupt Cook County government and worked to preserve the status quo of the Stroger Empire. Change? Right, sure. According to SEIU-backed Feigenholtz, Quigley is a water boy for Cook County President Todd Stroger. In a televised Feigenholtz campaign ad, a male announcer says this about Mike Quigley: “Mike Quigley? He talks a good game, but he endorsed Todd Stroger. Even sending his county staff to help Stroger’s campaign. And Quigley voted for Stroger’s budget, cutting nurses and hospital workers to keep Stroger friends on the payroll." (See the Feigenholtz video and more about Quigley and Stroger here.) The next month will be fascinating. We will see a Green Party candidate pretend that he matters. We will see a Stroger-Machine Democrat pretend that he's all about change. We will see a woman of substance who is not afraid to tell the truth and speak her honest convictions drop all pretenses and come out swining. By the time April 7 rolls around, the Democrat will be known as Squiggley Quigley. Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...