Monday, March 23, 2009

Pulido, Quigley Face Off Tuesday in Boys Town

5th Congressional District Special Election Campaign Update
(They faced off on March 24)
Just confirmed through private channels: Mike Quigley and Rosanna Pulido will face each other on Tuesday night, March 24 in a "meet and greet." The event is sponsored by Gay Chicago Magazine and Sidetrack, the nightclub where the candidates will meet and, you know, greet. (Click image to enlarge) Kudos to Gay Chicago Magazine for pulling this off. Quigley did not confirm until the last minute, keeping the organizers on the edge of their seats until verrrrry recently. Kudos must go out to Mike Quigley for deciding to attend. He was reluctant for weeks to confirm attendance, and it takes nerve to walk into a beautiful nightclub built by private investment, risk, hard work and ingenuity and then tell the crowd and owners that his support of Todd Stroger's sky high taxes - which he supported - are hunky dory. Takes nerve to walk into the place and tell them that he would continue to tax the living hell out them as a Congressman, too. Kudos to Rosanna Pulido for having the enormous courage to walk into a gay nightclub the day after NBC Chicago let it be known that she had been posting comments as "chicagolady" - comments that are offensive to gays, blacks, hispanics and others. Sources tell me that she plans to make a public apology to the audience for her poor judgement and for past offensive remarks. Will Green Party candidate Matt Reichel be there? Dunno yet, but one thing is certain: It will be an interesting night in Boys Town, Chicago. (FYI: I've been to Sidetrack several times. It's a beautiful nightclub, clean, good service. You don't have to be gay to like the place.) Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...