Photo du Jour, 21 March 2009 Obama and Salman Ibrahim

BARACK OBAMA WITH SALMAN IBRAHIM, SUNRISE EQUITIES CEO, FBI FUGITIVE EXCLUSIVE: Never-before published photo of Barack Obama with his good friend and benefactor Salman Ibrahim, in the offices of the infamous Sunrise Equities, Chicago. Ibrahim is wanted by the FBI in connection with the 2008 Sunrise Equities scam in Chicago, in which investors were ripped off for a total of approximately $80 million. (Click photo to enlarge) Here, Obama shakes hands with Chicago Alderman Bernard Stone (50th Ward), just before a ribbon cutting ceremony at which Sunrise Equities donated office space to Obama when he was running for US Senate in 2004. Sunrise Equities shut down in August, 2008 when its CEO, Salman Ibrahim, and other top officers vanished. The money seems to have gone with them. The Illinois Secretary of State and the FBI are investigating the scandal. About 150 investors, mostly Muslim, learned in August that they had lost all of their savings to the Sunrise Equities fraud. Sunrise Equities, a shariah-compliant investment firm, targeted investors who were mostly Pakistani Muslim immigrants. Many the victims took out home-equity loans to make ends meet. See "OBAMA CONNECTED TO SUNRISE EQUITIES, PART ONE" ALSO SEE: Obama's Connections to Sunrise Equities, Part Two Still Looking For Salman Ibrahim, Reward Offered The Failure of Sunrise Equities MORE ABOUT SUNRISE EQUITIES (to all links on Chicago News Bench) Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...

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