Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama-Biden-isms at Illinois Review

Vice President Dan Quayle was mercilessly skewered for years by Democrats and Leftists for his occasional slip of the tongue or silly remark. More recently, President George W. Bush spawned an entire industry of books and greeting cards based on "Bushisms," things that he said that were, well, less than brilliant. In the tradition of Liberal double standards, equally stupid utterings by Democrats get scant notice or, more often, are completely ignored. Sometimes they're excused, as when Barack Obama said that there are 58 states in the US. "I've now been in fifty -- seven states? I think one left to go." Huh? Imagine the collective laughter by the Liberals had Bush said that! He was just tired, the Liberal media said. (I don't care tired I get, or drunk for that matter, I would never say that there are 58 states.) Illinois Review posted a fun piece yesterday that looks at the "Top 10 Gaffes: So Far" of Barack Obama and Joe Biden. These are but a handful of many gaffes, but the top ten is a good place to start. Illinois Review notes: Just eight weeks into his administration, recent Illinois State Senator turned President B. Hussein Obama and VP Biden have managed to bungle just about everything. From tax challenged cabinet picks to AIG bonuses, this dynamic duo have consistently screwed up. Loaded with videos, the piece at Illinois Review is a fun read. MORE: Obama's British 'Gift Gaffe' Not Reported By U.S. Media Barack Gaffes by Michelle Malkin on National Review Online Obama apologizes for Special Olympics gaffe Slew of Gaffes Obama on Fox News Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...