Friday, March 6, 2009

Nowicki Calls Quigley Stroger's "Yes-Man"

Julia Nowicki, who is leaving her position as Cook County compliance officer, has a lot to say about patronage (read "corruption") under the regime of Todd Stroger. A revealing article on March 5, by friend Angela Caputo, gives a look at the dishonesty and lack of transparency in Cook County's government. She wrote this in Progress Illinois: Cook County Board President Todd Stroger was on the defense yesterday, calling outgoing compliance officer Julia Nowicki “a little disillusioned” after she reiterated quite forcefully that his administration continues to drag its feet on several court-ordered recommendations aimed at rooting out patronage. That's just a teaser. The rest of Caputo's article sizzles with the rump meat of Stroger over an open fire. Oh, and the rump of Mike Quigley is on the fire, too. Quigley has been a staunch supporter of Stroger, although he will now try to distance himself from him since winning the Demcrat primary for the Illinois 5th Congressional District seat this past Tuesday. Caputo jumps all over Quigley, sticking him on the same skewer as Stroger (emphasis added): As Nowicki rightly points out, it’s not the job of the compliance officer to root out illegal patronage: “It’s your job,” she wrote to the commissioners. With only a handful of Stroger critics on the board, the rebuke ought to be a reminder to the powers that be that taxpayers can’t afford another yes-man to fill Commissioner Mike Quigley’s seat when he presumably heads to Congress later this year. Read the entire letter from Julia Nowicki to Mike Quigley below. Nowicki Shakman Letter to Quigley Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...