Monday, March 23, 2009

UPDATED: The New Hitler Youth? Stop HR 1388!

UPDATED 23 March 2009, 23:16 CDT: The US Senate voted on this matter tonight. They tried to be sneaky about. Hell, they were sneaky about it. They moved it under the radar, trying to mask it by listing HR 1388. Now S 3577 and called the "National Service Reauthorization Act." The actions taken by Sen. Harry Reid and others can only be described as totalitarian. See new info at There, scroll down to "Roll Call Votes," where you'll find "On Cloture on the Motion to Proceed (Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to H.R. 1388 ) Cloture on the Motion to Proceed Agreed to 74-14, 11 not voting (3/5 required)" NOTE: The server is getting very heavy traffic to the HR 1388 and S 3577 pages, so response there might be slow. Lobbying Ban in National-Service Bill Comes Under Fire (Chronicle of Philanthropy, 23 March) - In approving a bill last week to expand national-service programs, the House of Representatives adopted a last-minute amendment that would bar participants in the programs from attempting to influence legislation or taking part in various other political activities, including protests or voter-registration drives. Two nonprofit organizations are now sending e-mail messages urging supporters to fight to keep the language out of the Senate version of the bill. Senate looks into expanding AmeriCorps (AP, 23 March) The Senate agreed Monday to take up legislation to triple the size of the AmeriCorps program and open up opportunities for more people to serve their communities. Lawmakers voted 74-14 to move to the legislation that would expand AmeriCorps from its current 75,000 positions to 250,000 over the course of eight years. Sixty votes were needed to bring the bill to the floor. The measure is expected to come up for a final vote in the Senate sometime this week. HR 1388 “GIVE” Act Forces Mandatory Service Requirement on All ... (Red, Green, and Blue, 23 March) Read My Lipstick Network: Brownshirt Bill Alert - HR 1388 is now S 3577 ... (Read My Lipstick Network, 23 March) GOOGLE SEARCH FOR MANY MORE POSTS RELATED TO THIS --- Original Post --- Barack Obama wants your children. He wants his own youth corps, millions of young minds and bodies trained to obey him, brainwashed and groomed to be useful tools in the ongoing world socialist revolution. You think that's nuts? Paranoia? Think again, comrade. There are no black helicopters in this nightmare, just millions of good little soldiers, and you get a whiff of it on the Obama campaign website. If you really don't believe that something wicked is coming this way, read the frightening words of an Ex-Hitler youth's warning to America. He was there. He experienced it. He is warning us that the worst of the Hitlerian era is raising its ugly head again. Can it happen here? is now an old question. The new answer is unavoidably "yes, and it's already beginning." The US Report notes this about a new group formed to fight this nightmare: The new group "Stop HR 1388" has formed at Facebook for the purpose of derailing HR 1388 as it heads to the US Senate after marching its large body through the House of Representatives. The bill is a massive social program that many libertarians and conservatives believe will not only once again contradict the U.S. Constitution, but also create yet another expensive, ineffective program at a time when taxpayers are levying heavy criticism at administrations past and present. The bill makes bloated social programs of the past look stick thin. Hundreds of people have signed up; the group was formed one day ago [March 20, 2009]. Full Article... Investors Business Daily had this to say in September, 2008 in a column titled "Michelle's Boot Camp for Radicals": Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, "Universal Voluntary Public Service." Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they'll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of "social change." The pitch Public Allies makes on its Web site doesn't seem all that radical. It promises to place young adults (18-30) in paid one-year "community leadership" positions with nonprofit or government agencies. They'll also be required to attend weekly training workshops and three retreats. Stop HR 1388 says this on their Facebook page: Many, however, are raising concerns that the program, which is intended to include 250,000 "volunteers," is the beginning of what President Obama called his "National Civilian Security Force" in a a speech last year in which he urged creating an organization as big and well-funded as the U.S. military. He has declined since then to elaborate. ..."The legislation also refers to "uniforms" that would be worn by the "volunteers" and the "need" for a "public service academy, a 4-year institution" to "focus on training" future "public sector leaders." The training, apparently, would occur at "campuses." This is basically a big version of Hilter's Youth! Look into it! Join the Stop HR 1388 Facebook group. 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