Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nationwide Enema Party

"Send Them Enemas - Not Tea Bags," says Therese Daniels. I think might have something there. "Tea party" does sound a bit, uhm, prissy for a nationwide protest staged by folks who are outraged about Obamabusive Economics and the landslide of socialism tumbling down upon this nation. "Tea party" conjures up images of proper old ladies sipping English breakfast tea and eating scones. "Enema party," on the other hand, well, that's powerful. Weird, sure, but more befitting of the politicians at whom the protests are aimed. Plus, it conjures up images of ... well, you know, images of Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi. Uchhh. Of course, the image of Cook County Commish Tony Peraica would be much different today if he had not dropped a bag of tea into the Chicago River at February's Chicago Tea Party protest event, but instead gave a fellow protester an enema, right there on the Michigan Avenue Bridge. No no, I don't mean administer an enema! I mean, like just hand him a Fleet enema, still in its package. You have to admit, the press coverage would have been enormous. Although I say this half in jest, Therese Daniels is dead serious about this enema thing. "It is not my intention to demean the people who are using tea bags to symbolically recall the Boston Tea Party in protest of excessive taxation," she writes, "I admire the success of their effort and their courage. It is simply that I feel it is misdirected." Ms. Daniels even gives us recommendations for enema brands: "If people insist upon having tea parties and sending Washington tea bags why not send them a message that will really hit home. Why not include a Fleet’s Enema or some Exlax in the package. Wouldn’t that send a more real message as to what we think of them?" Yes, yes it would. Read Therese Daniels' full post... RELATED STUFF: Obama’s stimulus won’t do the job Buy enemas online Obama's blind faith in Geithner Bulb Type Enema Syringes Czech Premier Slams Obama Stimulus Plan A-Z Laxative Brands List US CFOs unimpressed by Obama stimulus plans-survey Fine Image Herbal Enemas - Worldwide Mailorder States could lose billions in taxes to stimulus Enema - Information and Instructions Obama Stimulus, Tax Increases Are Losing Democrats Key Support Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...