Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Updated: Munoz Assault Video Raises Questions

UPDATED March 19, 2009: Activists Lying About Ald. Munoz Assault Incident ------------------------------- Original Post: ChicagoCitizens posted a video of Chicago Alderman Ricardo (22nd Ward) assaulting a constituent in February. "Get the f^#% out of my office!" Munoz yelled at the man. But the video raises questions, which we posed to ChicagoCitizens by email today: Dear ChicagoCitizens: Love your video of Munoz unhinged ("Chicago Ald Munoz attacks voter in his office, omg"). HOWEVER, we would love to see the video of the entire encounter, including the initial entering of the Munoz offices. The video begins with Munoz's door opening. What happened prior to that happening? Your YouTube page says that you have "No editing of video contents integrity, just straight facts. Contributions by Chicago Citizens." Please post the "raw," unedited video. Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...