Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lou Grant on the IL 5th Congressional Race

"Lou Grant" makes some observations about how the media has been covering the special election in the Illinois 5th Congressional District. Sez Lou: While it may be true that investigative reporting in blogs will never replace that of newspapers, you may not be able to tell in the race for the Illinois Fifth Congressional seat, to be held early next month. [Recently] a blog, Rosanna Pulido is a Freeper, appeared in multiple Internet outlets.... The reaction among Republicans, at least in the blogosphere, has been deadly. Full Post here.... A related post comes from colleague Chris Barkulis at his blog, RightNotWrong. He was a staunch backer of Pulido, as was I, but he explains why he has withdrawn support, as did I: Some of you may have recently heard about the NBC 5 news report about Rosanna Pulido and her anonymous comments under the name Chicagolady on the Free Republic conservative message site. In light of the recent development of what those comments actually were, I cannot in good conscience back Ms. Pulido or her campaign. Full Post.... Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...