Thursday, March 12, 2009

God vs. Obama vs. Democrats vs. Republicans

The other day I had some fun with a chart on Technorati. They give you the ability to compare the frequency of up to five keywords as they have been used in posts in the blogosphere. You try it yourself here. As Technorati describes it, their charts "allow you to visualize the impact an individual search term has on the Blogosphere by graphing the number of times the search term occurs in blog posts across the web." A comparison of search terms "Barack Obama" and "God" showed today that "God" still has a lead over "Barack Obama," but the margin is narrowing. Back around Election Day, "Barack Obama" actually spiked to a nanomargin above "God," but "Barack Obama" quickly fell back to Earth, so to speak. That's easy to understand, with the heightened interest in the election, then the drop off as the election excitement subsided. But what about the drop in the frequency of the search term "God?" Can't explain that one easily, especially since there seems to be little correlation between the two search terms. "God" is still more popular than "Republicans" and "Democrats," but here again we see that downward trend in the search term "God." I suspect that "God" will bounce up again soon as more and more people - including bloggers - start writing things like "only God can help us now" more often. Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...