Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fresh Harvest Market Uptown Opens Friday

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger would be happy to know that the intersection of North Sheridan & W. Leland in Uptown, Chicago will no longer be a "food dessert" after 7:00 a.m., Friday, March 6. (Click photos to enlarge) Stroger meant "desert," of course, as in arid region, not as in chocolate cake. Todd Stroger could have his desert and eat it too if he gets hip to Uptown's newest grocery destination. And I do mean destination. I took a train to Uptown to check the place out; lots of buzz in the hood about it already and as I paused to take pictures a number of locals peered through the big front windows. I think they were salivating. Fresh Harvest Market, 4650 N. Sheridan Road, is a beautiful new food store that looks very upscale. The owner is Roesheeda Oghefue, and the parent company is My Ranch, Inc. "Fresh Harvest Market" is the DBA. My Ranch was incorporated in Illinois in March 1998. The new store in Uptown received its retail food establishment business license on January 28, 2009. That being said, it's a bit jarring at first to run into this jewel (no pun intended) of a grocery store in this part of Uptown. It is in a very economically mixed neighborhood. A very modern, new condo building sits on the same intersection, while a block south of it is one of the roughest micro-war zones in Chicago (at Wilson and Sheridan). Nevertheless, it's a good thing to have a nice grocery store nearby for folks who live the area, and Fresh Harvest Market looks to be exceptional. Fresh Harvest Market - 4650 N. Sheridan Road (at W. Leland) (773) 516-4860 (no parking lot) Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...