Saturday, March 28, 2009

EU Totalitarianism - It's 1933 Again

Blatant disregard for its own rules combined with a complete disregard for democracy caused Daniel Hannan, MEP, to stand in the European Parliament and effectively compare their power grab to Adolf Hitler's rise to power. He did this 14 months before becoming an international hero last week for telling of British PM Gordon Brown. The video of Hannan in the EU chambers on January 24, 2008 is stunning. Last week, Hannan called British Prime Minister Gordon Brown a "devalued prime minister of a devalued government" to Brown's face. (See: "God Bless Daniel Hannan, MEP") The video below gives some insight into the iron-hard resolve of Hannan, and demonstrates that his remarks to Brown last week were consistent with his performance as a man of steel nerves and razor sharp eloquence. His vocal challenge early last year to the illegal efforts by the President of the Parliament, Hans-Gert Pöttering were met with shock and shouting by fellow members. "We have now departed from the rule of law," Hannan said, "this chamber may be sovereign but it must...follow its own rules." As Hannan began to quote Edmund Burke, "the grandfather to the resistance to British totalitarianism," an attempt to shut him up occurred. What happens next, as you 'll see on the video below, is a shameful attempt by the European Parliament to shut down free speech and the expression of dissent. Hannan wrote about the incident on own blog on January 25, 2008: Yesterday, the President of the Parliament, Hans-Gert Pöttering, asked for, and was granted, arbitrary powers to suspend the rules of the institution in order to disadvantage the tiny number of MEPs who want a referendum on the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty. I have come to expect hypersensitivity to criticism, flouting of rules, intolerance of dissent, authoritarianism. But nothing had prepared me for such blatancy. Hans-Gert openly admitted that the behaviour of his Euro-sceptic opponents was within the rules. And he wasn't asking to change those rules a procedure that would take time. No, he simply wanted permission to disregard them. Permission was duly granted, by 20 committee votes to 3. Full Post at Hannon followed that post with "Why the EPP are throwing me out" on January 31, 2008. Also see "Creeping EU Totalitarianism." This entire affair, in Europe in early 2008, seems now to have been a precursor to the way the Obama Regime and the US Now, watch that video of January 24, 2008: Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...