Wednesday, March 11, 2009

End Times Here? Exclusive Chart Says Maybe!

(Warning: The word "shit" is used below) Chicago News Bench, with the assistance of Technorati, compared the words "Republican," "Democrat" and "shit" to each other (see the chart.) The results stunned even us. Don't believe us? Click the chart and see for yourself. It shows that "Democrats" and "Republicans" were as high as "shit" on March 10. We compared those three particular words because they are virtually the same thing these days. We wanted to know how often those words are used by bloggers, a good barometer of social trends and possible supernatural future events. To our surprise, the frequency of usage for all three words strongly parallel each other over the past 90 days. "Shit," however, has been more popular overall than "Democrats" or "Republicans," but on March 10, 2009 all three words converged on the chart. Amazingly, each word had the same frequency of usage as tracked by Technorati. Just coincidence? Or a sign of the End of Days? It remains open to interpretation, and an international team of linguists, physicists and Biblical scholars is working on those questions now. Perhaps it's a good sign that the word "shit" has suddenly dropped down to the same popularity as "Republican" and "Democrat" in the blogosphere. Perhaps. Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...