Thursday, March 26, 2009

China Blocks YouTube and Dalai Lama

The communist Chinese government has blocked YouTube for fear of its citizens seeing the Chinese brutality against monks and others in Tibet. The BBC reports that "China's official Xinhua news agency accused the Tibetan government of faking the wounds" but "No reference was made to YouTube." According to Computer World, "It isn't just that is blocked. The billion or so websites with embedded youtube videos also won't work for those inside China's government firewalls." This all started a couple of days ago, reports say, when Google noticed a big reduction in YouTube traffic in China. Google owns YouTube. Full Article at Computer World... Meanwhile, a peace conference was just canceled in South Africa due to Chinese meddling. The damn Chinese brutalitarians are South Africa's largest trading partner, and China made it known they would not tolerate the presence of the Dalai Lama at a planned peace conference there. Bowing to Chinese pressure, SA banned the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama represents Tibet's government in exile, and the Chinese communist government eagerly crushes any reference or reminders of a once-free Tibet whenever possible, as with the YouTube blackout noted above. The conference was to have taken place on Friday, March 27, but has been "postponed." CBN News has a full report. More About China and YouTube: China: Tibet Video is Fake, But We’ll Block Entire YouTube Anyway - Mashable Outrage in aftermath of China's YouTube censorship - ZDNet YouTube Blocked in China -Internet Search Engine Database China Imposes YouTube Site-wide Ban - Digital Media Wire Civil rights group criticizes China for blocking YouTube - Computerworld China isn’t the only country that likes to censor the Internet - CrunchGear More About China - Dalai Lama - South Africa: South Africa turns away Dalai Lama, political firestorm follows - Christian Science Monitor China hurt SAfrica's dignity: Dalai Lama envoy - ABS CBN News China welcomes South Africa stance on Dalai Lama - Xinhua South Africa: No visa for Dalai Lama. Gold medal for Castro - Foreign Policy Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...