Friday, March 27, 2009

Can We Fart During Earth Hour?

The global warming alarmists are still at it. (I'm sorry, are we supposed to call it "climate change" now? Whatever.) This weekend, we're supposed to turn our lights out to save the planet. For an hour. What will the idiot hypocrites do after an hour? Why, they'll turn the lights back on! Bravo! Thank you, idiots, for saving the planet. You'll feel better about yourselves, I'm sure, as you lay down to sleep tomorrow night, the night of "Earth Hour." As Milo Yiannopoulos put it in his blog, "Let me get this straight: we're being told that, in order to raise awareness about rising global temperatures, we ought to... fumble around in the dark for a bit." Yesterday, I watched a moron in front of a national weather map on the Weather Channel as he waved his arms up and down, telling us that the huge blizzard (blizzard!) crossing the US right now is because of "global warming." You see, he explained, global warming causes fluctuations in the weather. You see, he explained, we've never seen anything like the fluctuations were seeing now. As a guilty afterthought, he noted "in the 150 years or so that we've been keeping records." Apparently, the Weather Channel moron believes that prior to the Industrial Revolution, there were no fluctuations in the weather in the four billion years that this planet has existed. Everyday was exactly like the previous day. No need for weather forecasting in the year 1820, no sir, because there were no fluctuations. The Weather Channel ignoramus is completely unaware that "in the last 10 years, the earth's temperature has not risen. Over the last century, it has risen 0.75 degrees. Less than a degree." Perhaps the idiot is completely unaware of the thousands of scientists, such as Prof. Nir Shaviv, Department of Physics at Hebrew University, Israel, who are trying to tell us that Al Gore is full of crap. Suddenly, according to the Church of Global Warming Uhm Climate Change, humans have done what God Himself apparently neglected to do. Humyns have added fluctuations to the weather, by means of carbon dioxide production and, to follow Al Gore's logic, farting. Oh yes, farting, which is largley methane, another greenhouse gas. The Church of Global Warming Uhm Climate Change commands all of us to "save the planet" in various ways, including buying the right to continue to produce greenhouse gases with "carbon credits" and other ingenious methods. Such as turning the lights out for one hour one day every year. (Say, doesn't everyone turn their lights out at least eight hours every night already?) Can we fart while the lights are out, or do we get special dispensation for that? The madness is global, if you'll pardon the term. Much money is being spent, and much more will be spent, on voodoo methods of "saving the planet." Fortunately, not everyone yet has drunk the Al Gore Kool-Aid, and there are still rational researchers putting out rational studies. One for instance, comes from Spain. "According to a study from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid," write Spanish blogger Barcepundit, "If Spain's experience is any guide, there are serious job losses from green stimulus mesaures like the ones contemplated in Obama's plans. According to a study from King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, for every new job sustained by subsidized renewable energy at least 2.2 are lost in other industries..." (Hat tip to Rationality will not stop dunces from turning off their lights on Saturday, March 28 for 60 minutes. Nor will it get in the way of the Obama-embraced environmental madness that keeps tightening its grip on our government and society in general. To wit, with emphasis added: President Obama declared the [current] Red River floods in North Dakota and Minnesota a wake up call to take global warming seriously. As with most global warming alarmists, he opened his mouth before checking the facts. In reality North Dakota and Minnesota, the sources of the Red River, had a much colder than normal winter (Dec-Feb). For North Dakota it was the 18th coldest and for Minnesota the 19th coldest in the past 114 years. (Source: Turtle Island blog...) Fluctuations? How about that record cold weather? The rational imbeciles of the Church of Global Warming Uhm Climate Change tell us that as the world gets warmer, we can expect some parts of the planet to get colder. Try this experiment: Turn on the oven in your kitchen to 450 degrees. Once fully heated, open the oven door but keep the oven turned on for another half hour. Go to any room at the other end of your house. Has the heat from the oven made that room at the other end of your house colder? Go on, we'll wait for you while you check. .... It didn't? You sure? ALSO SEE: Leave the lights on: Celebrate Human Achievement Hour Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...