Friday, March 6, 2009

Biased Chicago Media Ignore 5th District Republican Candidate

UPDATED: About Rosanna Pulido's Trouble Campaign If ever you doubted whether most of the "mainstream media" has a Liberal slant, ask yourself why Mike Quigley got virtually all the headlines after Tuesday's primary election in Illinois' 5th Congressional District. That's the seat known as "Rahm Emanuel's seat," even though Rahm happily abandoned it - and his constituents - for a cushier job in the White House. The local Chicago media have slanted the story as if Tuesday's election was the election, not just the primary, as though Quigley has already become the new Congressman in the 5th. Let's be clear: Quigley did not win the primary, he won a primary. In reality, there were three on Tuesday. There was one for Democrat voters, one for Republican voters, and one for Green Party voters. Quigley won the primary that he participated in. The other two primary races have received far less attention than the Democrat primary has. Oh, by the way, the other candidates still in the race for that seat are Rosanna Pulido, Republican, and Matt Reichel, Green. He has not. Quigley must still face two other candidates, a Republican and a Green. All three candidates - and they are still candidates - must still go through the April 7 general election before any of them become the next representative in Congress. That includes Quigley, but hte local press is treating the primary election as a virtual coronation of Quigley. "Oh, by the way," some of the big Chicago media seem to say, "there were a couple of other candidates who won their primaries, too, but they don't really matter." I had a phone conversation yesterday with well-known local Democrat (yes, a number of them actually talk to me). We'll call said Democrat "Jack." I told Jack how disgusting the local media's treatment of the 5th District primary is, what with the virtual dismissal of the Republican and the Green. "But," said Jack, "they don't matter." Honestly, that's what Jack said. "Quigley's gonna win. What's it matter if the press covers the other candidates or not?" I consider "Jack" to be a dear personal friend, actually, so I will be careful with how I call Jack a typical, party-centric hack who doesn't give a rat's ass about informing the voters so long as it furthers the Democrat candidate. To hell with objective reporting, so what if that attitude is contrary to the Fairness Doctrine that Jack and other Democrats would love to revive. As long as the local media is in the hip pocket of the Dems, that's just dandy. Why even acknowledge the Republican and the Green in the race? That's not what democracy is about, and it sure as hell isn't the "objective journalism" that the Tribune and the Sun-Times pretend to practice. The post you're reading right now, on this blog, is obviously an opinion piece. A conservative radio talk show makes no pretense of being objective while presenting what is obviously opinion. However, when the likes of the Chicago Tribune or the Chicago Sun-Times present coverage of a local election, they should do more than pretend that said coverage is complete or even fair. Here's a challenge: Do an advanced Google news search for "Pulido." Set the search to find items from March 4 to March 6, with "Pulido" as part of the headline. As of 12:03 p.m. on March 6, the search produced only one (1) result ("Quigley wins Democratic nod; Pulido leads GOP," March 4, Burlington Hawk Eye). Do the same search for "Quigley," and the results numbered "about 400." No media bias? Don't make me laugh. Even Lynn Sweet, who usually pretends to be objective, ran a post with the headline "Mike Quigley wins!" The post, published at 10:49 p.m. on Tuesday, contained no text, just two big photos of Quigley. Sweet digitally drooled, unable to contain herself. She probably had to be peeled off her chair. Any similar treatment for the Republican or the Green? Are you kidding? Shame on you, Lynn, where's the "Rosanna Pulido wins!" or the "Matt Reichel wins!" headline? Will Quigley win? Probably, but there is no guarantee. The Democrats have a much bigger campaign machine on their side. Todd Stroger will probably have troops out campaigning again for Quigley, and why not? Quigley and his army of patronage stooges campaigned hard for Todd Stroger. Just ask Sara Feigenholtz, a Democrat who lost in Tuesday's primary. The announcer in one of her campaign ads said this: “Mike Quigley? He talks a good game, but he endorsed Todd Stroger. Even sending his county staff to help Stroger’s campaign. And Quigley voted for Stroger’s budget, cutting nurses and hospital workers to keep Stroger friends on the payroll." (See the video here.) Will Quigley win? Probably, as noted above. If the mainstream media in the metro Chicago area continues its blatantly biased "coverage" of the election, many voters will assume incorrectly that Quigley has already won the seat. It is deception, whether by design or by knee-jerk behavior, by the press. Democrats like my friend "Jack" are perfectly content to perpetuate the deception. It is up to non-Democrat voters in the 5th Congressional District - whether Republican, Green or Martian - to spread the word that the election is not over yet. RELATED: Rosanna Pulido 2009 (IL) 5th District (Republican) Matt Reichel for Congress (IL) 5th District (Green) Illinois, District 5 Census Data from The Washington Post Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...