Thursday, March 26, 2009

Action Alert: GIVE Act and H.R. 1388 Update

This is urgent, so I won't get fancy. The following is written by Adam Bitely over at NetRightNation, and I know he wants to get a lot of eyeballs on this and fast. So do I, so here's a large excerpt from Adam's post, titled "GIVE Act/Serve America Act." Thursday, 26 March 2009 UPDATE: The DeMint Amendment was substituted for a similar amendment from Senator David Vitter. The Vitter Amendment was struck down by a vote of 53-43. To further break this vote down, 53 Democrats voted Nay. 41 Republicans voted Yay with 2 Democrats crossing over, Senators Byrd and Nelson. One of these two scenarios is going to unfold. The Senate would adopt the Mikulski amended version of the bill. After that, it will go to conference where the Foxx amendment will most likely be struck. Should that happen, we will need to call for the defeat of the bill in its entirety. We will keep you posted. The other scenario is that the Senate will adopt H.R. 1388 as amended. That would then be sent back to the House where they could vote to simply accept the Senate amendments. This is the more likely outcome. Both of these scenarios would remove any amendment similar to the Foxx amendment.*** For those of you who followed the GIVE Act in the House, no explanation of how terrible this bill is would be necessary. For those who didn't, here is a little background... Get the background and more at NetRightNation right now... ALSO: Please e-mail the link for Adam's post to all of your friends immediately! That link: Adam reminds us: The bill currently sits in the Senate and Jim DeMint has offered an identical amendment. Unfortunately, the left is attacking him for doing this. Groups like Alliance for Justice are trying to tear down the DeMint Amendment with baseless reasons. Call your Senator today and tell them to support the DeMint Amendment on the Serve America Act (S.277). Post back here in the comments and let us know what your Senator says. Post about the GIVE Act on your blogs as well. If we can get the story out on this bill to enough people, we can change the outcome. HERE IS A LIST OF SENATORS and their contact information: Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...