Monday, March 16, 2009

5,000 Attend Tea Party Cincinnati

Nationwide "Tea Parties" keep rolling on. Cincinnati had a big on on Saturday, March 14. Tea Parties are protests against the socialist regime of Barack Obama and the massive, piggish spending of your money, your children's money, and your grandchildren's money, bailing out failing companies, the exponential growth of Government, suppression of our constitutional rights, and so much more. Chicago had a Tea Party on February 27. Since then, the movement (and the anger) just keeps building. So far, 150 Tea Parties have either taken place or are scheduled. Oh, did I say anger? Yes I did. We're mad as hell. The Tea Party in Cincinnati, Ohio was impressive. There are reports of over five thousand people attending and it appears those reports are accurate (police reports confirm). The rally was held in Fountain Square and the square and surrounding areas were packed to hear speakers and to vent at what people believe is wrong about the Pelosi, Obama, Reid administration. More taxes, more spending, bailouts and larger government. Full Post at Invincible Armor... RELATED: Thousands Support Cincinnati Tea Party Cincinnati Tea Party Pictures Cincy Tea Party Pics More Ohio Tea Party reports at BlogNetNews Best Chicago Tea Party Video I've Seen Tax Day Tea Party Schedules, Nationwide List of Future Tea Party Events Google 2009 Tea Party Search Now 200 Photos of Chicago Tea Party Essential Tea Party Gear Rick Santelli's Tea Party Tax Day Tea Party April 15 Chicago News Bench RSS Feed Cool Stuff...