Saturday, February 14, 2009

UPDATE #2: Valentine's Day Hate Mail

UPDATE: Apparently, Mr. Stokes was so ashamed of what he had written over the years on that he went and tried to delete it all. I guess he's not aware of Google's wonderful cache, which preserves crap like Mr. Stoke's rantings. To see what he tried to delete, see the cached versions, then scroll around to see entries by "William Stokes borsechicago". Isn't it funny that Mr. Stokes went to all that bother, but has not yet sent me an email apologizing for his hateful note? UPDATE 2: Seems the Yahoo! group "westrogerspk/messages" has been restored. The group is not private - anybody can go there and read the posts. They're public, including this one from Mr. Stokes:
Re: what about wareen park? I agree. I know of a fellow whose dog and mine used to play there. Theywere both competitive in frisbee dog tournaments -- and this guy movedto Hanover Park principally because Warren Park had become so bad. Ithas been over run by Latinos in huge numbers who come from all parts ofthe city -- and local dog owners have basically been run out -- anotherresult of the uncontrolled immigration invasion See all entries by Mr. Stokes...
The original post: Ah, Valentine's Day, a day of love. Unless you're William Stokes of West Rogers Park, who apparently ain't gittin' any today. Instead, he's sitting at home filled with hate and apparently fantasizing about me (me!) in - get this - women's clothing. William thinks that kind of comment passes for legitimate criticism, I guess. Here's the email sent to me today by Mr. Stokes: From: "William Stokes" To: Chicago News Bench An abominable snowman or Yeti has been sighted on 7 occasions now wandering around near Touhy beach [sic]. Crack journalist and UFO investigator that you are, you'd better don your woman's [sic] clothing, grab your camera and get right on it. The whole community is waiting breathlessly for your report. Note to William Stokes: Several things...First, why would you recommend donning women's clothing to photograph something at the beach? Second, why do you apparently fantacize about me - or any man - donning women's clothing and going to a beach? Third, please supply us with more information about your allegations of homonids at or hear Touhy Beach. Fourth, I am hardly a "crack" UFO investigator, but thanks for the compliment. Fifth, I doubt that anybody, let alone the "whole community," is waiting breathlessly for any of my reports. Sixth and lastly, I wish you knew how to quit me. MORE ABOUT WILLIAM STOKES: NOTE: Billy Stokes tried to delete the following, but you can see the cached versions here. So Why is Boone School innundated with illegal aliens? Berny Stone's Pakistani Henchman Re: Stone's Ward Superintendent Conservative voters hold the key to this Presidential election American Flag a no-show in "diverse" West Rogers Park Cutting One's Own Grass BREWER & FRIENDS ARE ECONOMIC ILLITERATES Allegations of race discrimination at Mullens and Mark IV Push vendors all over 50th Ward CNB RSS Feed