Friday, February 20, 2009

Todd Stroger: The Beating Continues

Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica reports that the new budget was passed "with no new tax increases and without the massive new borrowing" that His Lordship Todd Stroger wanted. That is very good news, but it's a bit like saying you're happy to learn that your neighbor will not increase the number of times that he beats up his wife per week. The beating continues at the same pace, he just won't increase the frequency. Todd Stroger continues to beat up the taxpayers. While we thank Tony and his allies for this "victory," we hope they will keep fighting until Todd Stroger stops beating his constituents. That's you and me, folks. Tony filed this report at 4:52 pm via Facebook: I have excellent news to report. A few minutes ago, we scored a major victory for the Cook County taxpayers: We held the line and passed a budget with no new tax increases and without the massive new borrowing sought by Todd Stroger and his allies. Make no mistake: this victory is huge. By blocking the insiders today, we have no doubt angered them. They are certainly planning right now how to exact revenge in the 2010 elections. That’s why I need your help. Please click here to make an immediate online contribution to help keep me fighting for you on the Cook County Board. The insiders wanted $740 million in new bonds. We didn’t let them have it. They wanted a back-door tax increase. We didn’t let them have it. They wanted tens of millions in additional spending. We didn’t let them have it. Bottom line: We won. They lost. Help us to continue scoring victories for the Cook County taxpayers through your online contribution of $10, $25, $100 or whatever you can afford. We are proving that reform can be achieved. And, with your help, we will continue fighting for the taxpayers and residents of Cook County. Thank you for your continued support. See Tony Peraica's website, Reform Cook County CNB RSS Feed