Monday, February 9, 2009

Tainted Evidence

Attorney Tom Westgard keeps renaming his shameful blog in sporadic fits of paranoid identity crises. Those are always coupled with a purging of all previous postings. It's almost as though he had a sense of shame, but having none, his reasons remain a mystery. "I have had an ongoing inclination to change the name of the blog, especially since the url was a historical thing that no longer made sense. So, starting today, the Rogers Park Rake has become Mountain of Evidence.Other than that, not much has changed (or should change, anyway). If I did it right, everything will transfer over seamlessly. With any luck there won't be too many exceptions to that rule." ~ October 20, 2008 (Source) From "Rogers Park Rake" to "Mountains of Evidence" to "Molehills of Evidence" and back to "Mountains of Evidence," all within a 6-month period. Hmmm. Too many exceptions to the self-imposed rule? Formerly called "Rogers Park Rake," looking up Rogers Park Rake on Technorati leads you to "Mountain of Evidence." In October 2008, the blog's author (Thomas J. Westgard, Atty.) deleted most of his past posts and changed the format and name, but still concentrates on supporting Alderman Joe Moore (49th Ward) and slandering the editor of the News-Star. He is currently one of three partners/editor of The Urban Coaster, a socialist propaganda tabloid in Rogers Park. The URL of the now defunt "Rogers Park Rake" was A Google search for that URL produces this hit:

Molehills of Evidence (formerly Mountains of Evidence) Molehills of Evidence (formerly Mountains of Evidence). If there were a deep truth in the idea that difference is insurmountable, our community would - 82k - Cached - Similar pages With any luck there will be another name change soon. MORE FUN: Profile for site: "Writing Off Tom Westgard" Note to Mr. Westgard: You should really update your address with the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) of the Supreme Court of Illinois. They think you're still at 6970 N Sheridan Rd #C Chicago, IL 60626-3560, when in fact that storefront address was vacated in mid-late October, 2008, which we confirmed by sight and by a call to the building's management. Uhm, you might also want to put the correct address on this website, too. And this one. CNB RSS Feed