Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweden Gets Real About Nuclear Power

I would never have thought that socialist Sweden would come to its senses about nuclear power before the United States did. That's the case, however, as Sweden's government is now planning to build new nuke plants. Why? Two good reasons: Cleaner power and energy independence. Nuclear reactors are to be built in Sweden for the first time in nearly 30 years after the Government decided to abandon a decades-old commitment to phase out the power source. Sweden joins a list of EU countries that have chosen nuclear energy under pressure to diversify from fossil fuels and meet tough climate-change targets for cutting CO2 emissions. Full Report from TimesOnline (UK)... When will the Democrat Party in the United States stop blocking nuclear power plant production?, back in August, 2006, ran a provocative article called "It's Time to Develop Peaceful Nuclear Energy." That article spoke to Democrats, liberals, and yes, the handful of Republicans who still fear nuclear energy: Many people - liberal environmentalists, Democrats and Republicans are afraid of nuclear power but it is time to get over it. There have been many good reasons to be afraid of it in the past - Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, nuclear waste, nuclear proliferation, nuclear terrorism, plus a boat load of unreasonable fears. RELATED: While world burns, Democrats say no to nukes - Bill would end nuclear power moratorium (in Kentucky) Democrats for Nuclear Power Portable Nuclear Power Shows Promise... Nuclear Power: A Clean, Safe Alternative The Future of Nuclear Power Nuclear Energy is the most certain future source China Eyes Massive Hike in Atomic Energy Target CNB RSS Feed