Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still Looking For Salman Ibrahim, Reward Offered

A $5,000 (US) reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of Salman Ibrahim, former CEO of Sunrise Equities in Chicago. Sunrise mysteriously locked its doors last summer and top officers disappeared, leaving hundreds of investors financially ruined. (See photo of Salman Ibrahim, left.) Ibrahim was a big donor to Barack Obama's political efforts and gave space to Obama in the Sunrise Equities offices (see The group offering the reward has a YouTube page, created in December, 2008. Here is what they wrote on that page, along with the video (emphasis added): Salman Ibrahim is at large after committing multi million dollar real estate fraud in Chicago. This video is to educate people about the Ponzi scheme run by Salman Ibrahim in different cities and states within US and abroad. You will find him associated with Islamic centers and Muslim priests (mullahs). He uses their network to grab unsuspecting people (bakras!). You will find him to be very polite and soft spoken gentleman until he grabs his clients. Once the client is captured then he shows his real colors. (Continues after video....) Possible hideouts: Lahore (Pakistan), Dubai, Bahrain, Abu-Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Canada, African nations. Please look out for this criminal and contact us at to earn $5,000 cash reward by providing any information leading to his arrest. MORE ABOUT SUNRISE EQUITIES (to all links on Chicago News Bench) OTHER LINKS: LOOKING FOR SALMAN IBRAHIM The Failure of Sunrise Equities Chicago's Hidden Financial Scandal IL Sec of State Investigating Sunrise Equities Scandal Obama and the Sunrise Equities Failure: Sharia Firm Scandal $15.5 Million Foreclosure Lawsuit on an Uptown Development Site Sunrise Equities Story Might Now Include Murder Cole Taylor files foreclosure suit over Uptown development The Irish Suing to Recover Deposits Sunrise Equities Scandal and Multiculturalism OBAMA CONNECTED TO SUNRISE EQUITIES, PART ONE UPDATED: Obama's Connections to Sunrise Equities, Part Two CNB RSS Feed