Friday, February 6, 2009

Please Help Rob Nesvacil

Simply out of human compassion for a man who has lost his way, and perhaps his mind, I will post a link to a post titled "Tom Mannis: A Bench made of irony." Oh man, I had a good laugh with this one. The writer is Rob Nescafe. Or something like that, I dunno. Or Nesbit, or Nesman. Or Nesvacil, that's it, which sounds a bit like an ointment made to soothe itching and burning on your unmentionables. "Skin rash? Try Nesvacil!" Whatever, the point is that the poor man put his little post up on his little blog waaaay back on January 23rd and there are still no comments on it as of 4:55 p.m., Feb. 6th. For charity's sake, I'm asking you to please click on over and leave lonley Rob a note, a comment, some words of encouragement. He needs help, and we're happy to give it to him. That's what being compassionate is all about, after all, and I owe Rob for linking to my online store. (The check's in the mail, Rob. Nothing sells tee shirts like controversy.) CNB RSS Feed