Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Party Crashers Ask "Where's My Free Drink?"

I'll catch hell for this, but here goes. Chi-Town Daily News ran a story yesterday (Feb. 9) with the tug-on-yer-heartstrings title, "As economy falters, some immigrants excluded from safety net." Megan Cottrell wrote the piece. An excerpt: Bernardo Barra says he stopped going to church when he no longer had any money to put in the offering plate. "It was very sad. No job. No apartment. No money in my pocket," says Barra, 65. The last two years have been difficult for Barra. After 15 years of working in the United States after coming here from Costa Rica, he could no longer find work in factories, restaurants and hotels and became homeless. Very sad, indeed. It truly is. Ms. Cottrell reveals, in her fourth paragraph, that Mr. Barra is in the US illegally: Most people in Barra's situation would apply for unemployment, job training or food stamps. But these resources just aren't an option. Barra is an illegal immigrant who cannot get a social security number, so most programs that could help him get back on his feet are closed to him. Well, yah, they're closed to him. They're supposed to be. Those are the rules, and Mr. Barra and millions like him are not following them. I suppose we should credit Mr. Barra for not buying a fake social security card from Elias Munoz (father of Chicago Ald. Ricardo Munoz, 22nd Ward). Elias Munoz was sentenced on January 6 to a four year prison stretch for participating in a fake ID ring that catered primarily to people in the US illegally. The feds broke up that operation in April, 2007, but before it was stopped hundreds of thousands of fake IDs were produced and distributed. (Also see a video report from CBS-2 Chicago) Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans are right now sharing their identities with immigrants and don't know it. It is the dirty little secret of the immigration issue: By not dealing directly with the undocumented worker situation, the U.S government is actually encouraging identity theft. In fact, one can argue that the origins of the identity theft epidemic can be traced to the immigration issue. (Source: http://redtape.msnbc.com/) Will Barack Obama address this issue? He hasn't so far, and missed an opportunity yesterday (Feb. 9) during his press conference about the so-called "stimulus" legislation: Left out of the debate is any talk of the leaks in the ceiling -- gaping holes many of them now -- which is how the floor got to where it was. The flaws in this ceiling -- outsourcing, offshoring, illegal immigration, free trade and sundry other Friedman's Follies, will remain where they are, stimulus or no stimulus. (Source: Counterpunch.org) Human suffering is human suffering, whether those humans are here legally or otherwise. That being said, it should also be noted that there are two sides to the coin. Citizens of this nation and our non-citizen brothers and sisters who are here legally are suffering too. For every job that an illegal alien takes, it's a job that somebody here legally is denied. For every social service provided for an illegal alien, that's a pocketful of tax money pulled from people here legally. It doesn't matter if you're from another country, what race or ethnicity people are. This is not, as many Leftists and Liberals like to paint it, a race issue. It's a legal issue, period. If somebody came from Uganda or Mexico or Sweden or China, and they're here legally, God bless them. Welcome to America, a so-called "nation of laws." If you're here illegally, get the hell out, or at the very least, be polite while you're crashing the party and don't have the gaul to complain to the host that you're drink isn't being refilled. Ms. Cottrell's article continues: The problem is widespread. Rosa Perea, assistant director of the Centro Communitario Juan Diego in South Chicago, says she is often moved to tears after visiting undocumented families in her neighborhood. Is Ms. Perea "moved to tears" by the thousands of black youths in Chicago who cannot find work because illegal aliens undercut them in the job market? Is Ms. Perea "moved to tears" by the hospitals closing down all over the country, many of which shut down because they've been overburdened by illegals demanding services that the federal government never reimburses them for? If she is, and if she said that to Ms. Cottrell, the quote was omitted. Ms. Cottrell's feel-guilty-for-the-party-crasher article wound down with a knee-jerk, predictable ending, wherein she quotes Bernadette Sanchez, associate professor of psychology at DePaul University: That kind of hope, Sanchez says, is something every American can understand. She points to a sign at the North side community organization, Centro Romero, that reads "No hay ser humano es ilegal" - "No human being is illegal." Big Brother would love that phrase. It's pure Orwell, and as such it muddles the issue ingeniously. Critics of illegal immigration have never and would never say that any human is illegal. But the phrase is, frankly, designed to appeal to stupid people who are incapable of critical thinking. Consider a man who crashes a party in your home. You ask him to leave. He refuses, then insists that you give him more beer and chips. You call the police to have him removed. The party crasher calls a bunch of his friends on his cell phone and tells them to get over to your address, pronto. The police arrive and find a bunch of the crasher's friends outside your home chanting, "No human is illegal! No human is illegal!" The cops back down and let the crasher stay in your kitchen, consuming your chips and drinking your beer. You're advised that if the man wants to sleep in your bed after the party, there's really nothing they can do about it because they're overburdened as it is. Ridiculous? Sure, but that's essentially what is happening nationwide. People come into this country (our home, our house) and crash the party. While no human is "illegal," plenty of humans act illegally. If a man is shooting deer without a hunting permit, he's an illegal hunter. He is hunting illegally. If a man enters a nation illegally, he is committing illegal immigration. He is an illegal immigrant. Why is that so difficult to understand, and why to so many fools swallow and regurgitate the phrase, "No human is illegal?" To call them "illegal immigrants" is not the same as calling them "illegal humans." Idiocy is the ground in which Liberalism sprouts best, and its poison seeds have been spread in the fertile soil for decades. The harvest is moronic statements such as "no human is illegal" being taken as legitimate political and legal argument. We look forward to Chi-Town Daily News running a piece about the economic disaster wrought upon this nation as the direct result of millions of humans being here illegally. We'll wait with fingers crossed, but we doubt we'll see it. RELATED: What We Didn't Learn at Obama's Press Conference Obama's Immigration Challenge Your Land Is Their Land The cost of illegal immigrants to the American taxpayer... Video: Lou Dobbs, The Cost of Illegal Immigration Nation's pols continue to lie about immigration enforcement Center for Immigration Studies Morris: Boost bail on illegal aliens accused of crimes Illegal Immigration and the Border of the Ridiculous CNB RSS Feed